Summer Camps

Camps will be announced February 2021!

Mini Masters’ Camps (Ages 3 - 5)
The Mini Masters’ Program here at Emerge Gallery & Art Center caters to children ages 3 to 5. This is a drop off camp program. Camp activities introduce young children to all areas of art including pottery, painting, drawing, and more! We ask that all children enrolling in the camps be potty trained. Please note: Children are separated into classes by age, when possible.

Emerging Artist Camps (Grade K - 5)

The Emerging Artist Program at Emerge Gallery & Art Center offers children grades K - 5 the opportunity to experience the world of art through fun, interactive programs including activities such as movie making, claymation, music videos, painting, potter’s wheel, printmaking, photography, and much more! Please note: Children are separated into classes by age, when possible.

Advanced youth Camps (Grade 6 and up)
The Advanced Youth Program at Emerge is a great opportunity for “tweens” and teenagers to expand their knowledge and expertise in various areas of fine art. We pride ourselves on high-quality, hands-on activities not capable in most schools such as metal design, potter’s wheel techniques, alternative photography, painting with advanced methods & materials, film editing, and more. Participants will be separated by age when necessary. Youth Camps are opportunities for youth to immerse themselves in the art area of their choice. Participants will work on in-depth art projects in the set area.