Children's Instructors



Heather is a graduate of East Carolina University with a BFA in Studio Arts with a concentration in Ceramics. She was born in Michigan and moved to Apex, NC in 2001 where she began to pursue her love for both visual and theater arts. Moving to Greenville for college in 2007, she explored her loved for jewelry design, interior design, and pottery. Heather is currently our Education Coordinator and loves being involved with our youth classes and public events. As an artist her inspiration comes from colors, repetitive imagery, and organic patterns found in nature. The objective of her artwork is to simultaneously create decorative and utilitarian ceramics.



Hello! My name is Jacqueline Hobbs. I was born and raised right here in Greenville, North Carolina, and I am graduate from East Carolina University where I received my BFA in Art Education. I began taking art classes at a very young age and have never stopped. While I have dabbled in several different art forms and medias over the years I find the most joy in ceramics. I've been hand building for about twelve years now and have been on the wheel for about nine. While I love anything I can get messy with, nothing has captured my heart like ceramics has and honestly I'm not sure anything will!



Gail Ritzer received her BS in Art Education from the University of Missouri-Columbia and an MFA in Ceramics and Painting from East Carolina University. She has been exhibiting her work nationally since 1980 at such locales in New York, The University of Missouri-St. Louis, Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Nebraska. Her work has appeared in several publications including FiberArts Design Book, Art/Quilt Magazine, and exhibition catalogs. Gail has been fortunate to receive a number of grants from the North Carolina Arts Council to pursue a variety of personal and community arts projects. She has been teaching surface design techniques, mixed media methods, painting, and ceramics to students of all ages for many years at workshops, as Outreach Coordinator for the Greenville Museum of Art and as an instructor at Emerge Gallery & Art Center.



Gabriella is a Sophomore at East Carolina University earning her Bachelor's of Fine in Art Education and Bachelors in Arts in Psychology. She has experience in many different mediums of art but primarily works with painting and photography. She enjoys being able to share her love of art with students and help them grow as artists, creative thinkers, and help them find their own unique voice. After completing her degree, she hopes to go on to get her Masters in Art Therapy to use art to create a positive change in others.



Erika is a largely self-taught, versatile and eclectic designer. She built her first simple websites by age ten, and had a multi-page site under her belt by the end of middle school. Erika's first experience with entrepreneurship was a screen-printed t-shirt business she started her senior year of high school. Her interest in ceramics dates from summer camp experiences in her single-digit years, and she rediscovered the medium as an adult. She then went on to study Fine Art at East Carolina School of Art & Design, and Business Administration, Marketing at Western Governors University. Erika’s primary aim is to empower and encourage others to create. There are prevalent misconceptions, like that an artist must have a degree and be able to draw a straight line without a ruler. The professed perfection of others can be intimidating; but the process of creation can be approachable, accessible and centered on the sheer joy of making something unique and authentic.



Haley McElroy graduated from Appalachian State University with a BFA in Art Education and a BA in Art Education. Since Graduating she has taught elementary art for 5 1/2 years. She has lived in Greenville, NC, for the last two years and excited to be teaching summer art camps for my second year. In her own studio, she enjoy constructing figural wall pieces and surface decorating simple functional forms. In her free time she enjoys spending time with my partner, AJ, curling up on the couch with their cat, Little Man, and getting lost in a new show.



Raven was originally born in Chesapeake VA, but has lived in Greenville NC for 15 years and considers herself a native. She recently graduated from ECU with a BFA in Art Education, and plans on teaching art at a public elementary school this fall. Her passion for art started at an early age, and only grew at she got older. In addition to teaching, Raven enjoys pursuing the mediums of drawing, painting (especially watercolor), and photography. She is inspired by plants, organic shapes, and the small everyday objects and scenes that are often overlooked.

Rachel Gormley


Rachel is an illustrative artist currently stationed out of Greenville NC. She graduated from East Carolina University with a BFA and a concentration in Illustration. The focus of her work lies in the storytelling aspect of art. Working with a mix of media she creates imaginative narratives with distinct bright color palettes and strong emphasis on the human figure. Rachel has an ecliptic mix of influences including comics, classical religious art, historical illustration, and her family.

Kimberly Cusack


Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Kimberly Cusack has lived in New Bern, NC for sixteen years. She is a junior at ECU's School of Art and Design and is pursuing her BFA in painting and drawing. Along with an Entrepreneurship certificate and a minor in public and regional planning, she is working to become involved in community arts management once she graduates. After interning at Caven Arts her senior year of high school, she became inspired by how public art can help heal communities, raise awareness for important issues, and bring color to public spaces. Her body of work encompasses paintings and found object sculptures that use distorted abstract forms combined with realism to dissect peoples true intention.

Britney Spangler


Britney Byrd is currently a senior at East Carolina University pursuing her BFA in Art Education. She is new to North Carolina after her husband was stationed in the near by area. She also has lived in Utah as well as Kentucky for years. Britney is a lover of all forms of art and especially excels in painting, drawing, mixed media, etc. She has a strong passion for teaching and making sure all students are intrigued in what they are learning and of course leave class with a smile on their face!

Kayleigh Redmond


After she received her Associate’s Degree in Arts from Vance Granville Community College, Kayleigh moved to Greenville, NC to pursue her BFA in Art Education at East Carolina University. She hopes to graduate next Spring, and start teaching at a public school in Fall of 2024. Artistically, Kayleigh has explored many mediums. She enjoys printmaking, drawing, and painting, but she has a particular interest in collage art. Kayleigh seeks ways to combine different media and materials, for the sake of making an interesting art piece. In her free time, she enjoys reading, poetry, and going to new places.

Jacque Schacht


Jacque Schacht graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a BS in Elementary Education. She is a proud member of the Ponca tribe of Nebraska. Much of her art is done through the lens of her tribal heritage. She enjoys many different mediums including watercolor, ledger art, beadwork, ceramics, and cooking. She is kept very busy with her three children who are 11, 8, and 5 but always makes time for art in some form. She is looking forward to sharing and creating art with your children during the summer camps.

Kelly Rye


Kelly is a dynamic art instructor who loves to express herself visually and artistically in all forms and mediums. Her main passion is holding a paintbrush and letting her heart sing on the canvas, usually creating with acrylic, oil, watercolor, or even the enchanting medium of gouache. With a passion for all things art; Kelly’s expertise extends to a wide range of mediums, including: charcoal, pastel, textile, 2D, 3D, resin, pottery, and even candle-making! She also uses her creativity in graphic design, web design, and videography utilizing Adobe Creative Suite.

Kelly prides herself on being a supportive team member and looking for ways to grow within the community. Her goal is to create a safe and fun learning environment for all involved. While also bringing awareness to the joy of creating art, that she has experienced throughout the creative journey she calls life. 



Hello! My name is Audrey Milks. I was born and raised in Madison, North Carolina. I am a current undergraduate pursuing an Art BFA at ECU. I have been accepted into the university's Printmaking and Graphic Design concentrations. While I dabble in digital forms of art, I am still drawn to more hands-on art mediums. I have recently gotten into learning how to spin on the wheel in ceramics. I enjoy being able to shape and make more 3-D art. Also, whenever I have the time I love working on my printmaking skills. There is always something new to learn! Hopefully, I can take all my knowledge thus far and teach what I know. Art is an amazing thing, and I believe everyone can find something art-related that they enjoy.

Marshall Adams


Hi, I’m Marshall Adams. I am currently an undergraduate at ECU pursuing BFAs in Art and Art Education. I mainly focus on classic intaglio style printmaking. When I’m not working on prints, I enjoy painting and mask-making. My work is easy to distinguish as almost all of it is related to bulls or matadors. To me, the best art is all about emotion and feeling. Art is a fantastic outlet for everything we want to say, but don’t know how.

Lupita Nava


My name is Lupita Nava and I am currently in my 8th year as the art teacher at Bethel School. Art has always been my passion and I love being able to share my knowledge and give them the art experience every kid deserves!