Five Points Plaza Public Art Project


Starlight Cafe, 104 W. 5th Street in Uptown Greenville

In 2015, the Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge launched this public art program with grant funding from the West Memorial Fund. A request for proposals at the national level was released for artists to apply to have their artwork chosen to be reproduced and on display on the façade of Starlight Cafe across from Five Points Plaza, a parking lot and event site for many Uptown Greenville events.

A new request for proposals will go out every three years and a new artwork will be chosen.

This project was made possible by:
The West Memorial Fund
The Family of Walter Lee Patrick
Starlight Cafe and the Boutilier Family
The Pitt County Arts Council Board of Directors
The Civic Arts Committee
Signsmith, Inc.


Listening by ECU Professor Beth Blake

“With this piece, I use my garden as a surrogate to talk about diversity. Simply put, my entire yard is my garden – it is the place I raise chickens, grow vegetables, berries, grapes, flowers, and (happily) a lot of weeds. My garden is messy, overgrown, and wonderful. It is populated by spiders, toads, snakes, and lots of rabbits. When I moved here, the land was a small plot stripped of trees that had been chemically farmed, for a long time. The soil was depleted and the land empty - an unbearable place. Since that time, I have made great efforts to rebuild the soil, to enable plant growth and provide sustenance and safety for a range of insects, birds, and amphibians. Although my goal is to aid wildlife, my actions endlessly benefit myself and my neighbors. My yard is a neighborhood - a community that is constantly changing for the better. My garden is like any community – when diversity is supported, lives flourish.”

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Winter Wanderers by ECU Alumni Vincent Li

Just as we individually move onwards in life in pursuit of dreams, goals, and ambitions, so does this city. During this pursuit in life, it is inevitable that problems will arise and the future becomes murky. We cannot see into the future or know what will come out from the darkness of the unknown. However, like the children portrayed in this piece, the people of Greenville will push onwards together as a community to face whatever it is the future holds.


Hurry by Illustrator and ECU Alumni Alice Holleman (2015-2018)

Describing the tenacity, perseverance, and vision of Greenville, NC.