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First Name: Dedicated Men of

Last Name: Zion

Email: aagreenhood@gmail.com

Phone Number: 9196272250

Mailing Address: PO box 61 Hillsborough, NC 27278

Website: https://musicmaker.org/artist/dedicated-men-of-zion/

Type Of Art: Music

Genre Of Art: Sacred Soul

Activities: Commissions, Performance Bookings, Festivals

Harmony is serious business where the Dedicated Men of Zion come from. The group’s eldest member, Anthony “Amp” Daniels, remembers how serious harmony was to his mother. Every day, she would call her children inside, turn off the television, and make them sing in harmony, talk in harmony, do everything in harmony. Singing well together was a virtue that she and her sisters had learned from their own father, and Anthony passed it on to his own children.

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