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Wayne face crp

First Name: Wayne

Last Name: Heiser

Email: bestcareerchoice@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 2527021176

Mailing Address: 163 Lismore Drive


Type Of Art: Visual arts

Genre Of Art: Mixed Media

Activities: Commissions, Art Sales, Festivals

Found & RePurposed - Takes found objects such as doors, chairs, lamps, windows, sports equipment or personal item of the customer to repurpose them into a one-of-a-kind shelves, benches and lamps. Some of the more unusual creations include an outboard engine made into a table lamp, a sled made into shelves, a birdhouse mounted on a shovel, crutches made into shelves, wooden cigar boxes made into lamps, assorted books made into lamps, hockey sticks, snow skis and water skis made into shelves.

Work Samples